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Anonymous said: hii kia can i ask you about your weight loss, im sure you get asked about it a lot, but all you did was run and eat clean? now once you got the body you wanted, is it hard to maintain, like do u have to continually eat clean 24/7 and run 5 days a week? i want to get toned im a little thinner than your before, and i just want like subtle abs like you or sav montano. i cant decide if i should run or do ab workouts i dont wanna look like a body builder

No U can have some cheat days but yes eat clean do crunches and run everyday for 30 mins


September 08, 2014. Manhattan, NY.

The light that comes into my room through my windows every night


waking up in the sunset district is so soft and happy

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Fuck with us and then we tweaking hoe


Lindsay series by Richard Phillips

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